The Beginner’s Guide to Cricket Betting in India

Cricket Betting Guide Cricket Betting Guide

Come one, come all! We invite you to step into the exciting world of cricket online betting. Not sure where to start? No problem! We’ve been in the business for quite some time and we’re more than happy to help you master all there is to know about cricket betting.

So, what will you get out of this, cricket betting tips guide? We’ll start off with how cricket betting became so popular in India, and we’ll then move on to discuss the types of bets and we’ll also discuss some useful tips and tricks that will ultimately help you enjoy a better online cricket betting experience.

Some Insights into the World of Cricket Online Betting

Undoubtedly, cricket has garnered quite the following. In fact, families and friends from all over the world watch their favourite matches or even purchase tickets to be part of the action inside a cricket stadium. Some fans of the sport also choose to place their bets whilst watching a match. Just by looking at the situation in India alone, cricket betting in India is extremely popular. Want to know why?

The History of Cricket in India

Indian locals have long been fascinated by cricket ever since the British soldiers introduced it on Indian soil. Upon their arrival during the 18th century, they used to take part in cricket matches whenever they were off duty. Keep in mind that Indian locals had never witnessed anything like this before, so they were understandably very intrigued.

They were so invested in it that eventually cricket matches were being held in India. Early records state that the first cricket match dates back to the year 1721. Impressive, right? By 1792, cricket in India became even more popular, once the Calcutta Cricket Club was founded. Nowadays, it is regarded as the second oldest cricket club around the globe.

Fast-forward a couple of years, the Parsis community started to work even harder to put Indian cricket on the map. At the time, this community established the Oriental Cricket Club. As the sport continued to pick up the pace, the first Indian cricket team travelled to England to take part in professional cricket matches. Unfortunately, this didn’t go too well for the Indian team since the players were unfamiliar with the conditions in England.

Make no mistake – don’t think this made them lose interest in the game. On the contrary, the players worked extra hard to make sure they beat the Brits at their game the next time they battled it out on the field. And that’s exactly what happened when the English team travelled to India to play against the locals.

This was the very first time that the Indian team succeeded in beating the Brits. What’s truly remarkable about this is that even the Governor of Bombay realised that the team had the potential to be great. In fact, the Governor made the decision to host an annual match between the Parsis and the Brits, following the team’s success.

By 1911, the Indian players achieved more milestones. They had the opportunity to travel to England once again to compete in more cricket matches. Three decades later, the Indian team finally managed to compete in their first ever international cricket tournament. And just like that, the whole country became obsessed with the sport.

An Overview of Online Cricket Betting

So, where does cricket online betting fit into all of this? Well, it’s not surprising by now that India is completely cricket-mad. Not only do the locals enjoy watching and playing it, but they are also interested in placing big bets on the sport!

Given that the Indian betting market is on the rise, we’re not really surprised by the increased interest in the sport. It’s highly entertaining and you can win huge cash prizes if you’re lucky. What’s not to like?!

Needless to say, cricket online betting is thrilling from start to finish. As we will see in the guide, there are lots of perks to it. First off, you’ll have access to the hottest matches of the season. This includes ipl betting online, as well as international cricket matches. What’s more is that you can avail from a huge variety of bets, bonuses, and more!

Furthermore, you’ll be happy to know that most cricket online betting providers offer both a site and app – this means that you can either place your bets from the comfort of your home or on the go. All in all, you’re guaranteed a superb cricket betting experience that will rock your socks off.

Just imagine – you have the chance to watch a thrilling match, whilst placing some bets. Who knows, you can walk away with a huge payout! And with that out of the way, it’s time to start discussing all there is to know about cricket online betting. In the following sections, we’ll be taking you the steps you need to take to create your account, the types of bets you can place, and we’ll even offer some tips.

How Can Indian Players Set up Their Online Cricket Betting Accounts?

Ready to be part of the action? That’s what we want to hear! That said, there’s one important step you need to take before you can bet online. Of course, you need to find a betting site that works for you. In this regard, you need to take into consideration the experience that is offered.

This includes the kind of cricket satta line bets that are available, what is the cricket bet rate, whether cricket betting live is available, and if a cricket online betting app is offered to mobile users. This is all useful information that will help you track down the best betting site in India that appeals to most, however, we’ll be going into further detail about this in a later section of this online cricket betting tips guide.

Until then, we’re going to show you how to set up your cricket online betting account. We know that some bettors who have just dipped their toes in the world of cricket betting may find this process somewhat nerve-wrecking, however we can assure you that it’s nothing you can’t handle. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to sign up to your chosen betting site. Don’t believe us? Check out our 5-step process here:

  • Choose your cricket online betting provider
  • Launch your cricket bookie
  • Sign up/Log in
  • Enter your personal details – name, address, email address, contact numbers
  • Issue a deposit to claim your cricket betting welcome bonus
  • Bet Online!

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind When Setting up Your Account

As stated previously, you need to take into consideration a number of factors before you hit the sign up button. In other words, you need to find what you consider to be the best betting site in India or the best betting app that wows you. Since there are many providers out there, that shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s a question of narrowing down the search to the betting site providers. Below, we’ve listed a couple of questions you should ask yourself when you’re still on the hunt for the perfect cricket bookie:

  • Does the provider in question offer any bonuses?
  • Are the Terms and Conditions and Wagering Requirements Fair?
  • What kind of banking methods can you use?
  • Which cricket bet types are available?
  • Can you trust the provider?
  • Does your cricket online betting provider offer 24/7 customer support?
  • Is the platform in question 100% mobile-friendly?
  • Can you play in Rupees?

In the long run, this checklist is useful so that you know what to expect. As explained previously, you’ll know if you can participate in different forms of cricket betting such as the following: in-play cricket online betting, cricket live betting, free cricket betting, IPL betting online and so on.

If you love freebies, it’s good to know if the betting site in question offers ongoing promotions from the get-go. These include anything from the usual welcome bonus, along with other promotions such as a no deposit bonus, daily/weekly/monthly bonus, refer to friend bonus, loyalty bonus etc. That said, you must always be completely on board with the Terms and Conditions tied to them.

If you’d like to get a better idea of what’s hot on the market why not visit We can assure you you’re in good hands. In fact, it’s trusted partner that has teamed up with only the best of the best providers out there.

Can Indian Players Use Cricket Betting Apps?

We’ve talked about this over and over again. It’s no secret that the mobile market is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, experts think that it may eventually replace desktop devices. We’re not surprised by this – mobile phones are convenient, portable and more importantly, you are guaranteed the same cricket online betting experience.

In this respect, we’re happy to inform you that Indian sports bettors can indeed use cricket betting apps to place their bets. Generally speaking, you have two options here – you can choose the in-browser apps or the native apps that you can download from the App Store or the Play Store (depending on what your cricket bookie offers).

Cricket betting apps are easy to use; as stated previously, no major changes are made in this respect. You may notice some changes in the layout for better optimisation, but other than that nothing is compromised at any point.

Finally, you can place your bets anywhere. All you need to do is switch on your phone, place your bets and that’s it. You can do all this on your morning commute, whilst you’re waiting in line, whilst waiting for a friend, and even on an exotic backpacking trip around the globe!

Simply put, cricket betting apps are the future of gambling. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the online betting world in a couple of years’ time.

Is Live Cricket Betting Available to Indian Players?

It sure is! We absolutely love live cricket betting. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with free cricket betting or in-play cricket betting, there’s something special about this one. Simply put, it creates a whole new different ball game.

Of course, you’ll still have access to the same bets, but you’ll be playing in real-time. This means that you can still place live cricket betting bets on your preferred team, the most valuable player, match and so on. On top of that, the rules and terminologies remain the same. What you need to keep in mind is that you’re betting while the match is on. This means that you can easily change your mind about a bet if the odds don’t seem favourable.

In this regard, it’s important to some bets work better if you use them in live cricket betting. In fact, bets such as the Mode of Dismissal cricket bet has a superb cricket live bet rate.

And on that note, we’re ready to unveil the best live cricket betting website. Ladies and gents, we’ll keep this one short; we can guarantee that Betway cricket betting will not disappoint! It is one of the most popular betting sites out there that not only allows you to participate in live betting, but you can also try your hand at other sports betting matches such as football, tennis and hockey. What are you waiting for? Check it out, now!

Which Bets can be Used to Bet on Cricket?

And now the fun begins. In this section of this how to bet on cricket guide, we’ll be talking you through the most popular cricket bet types you can place when you sign up to a cricket online betting site. Grab a seat, there are lots of bets we need to talk about.

So, let’s back-track a little. The world of IPL betting online offers something for everyone. In fact, you can say there’s a bet for almost every nail-biting moment that occurs during a match. We’re talking EVERY cricket bet! Rest assured that all betting site providers and cricket betting apps make sure that their platforms offer a wide range of bets to players.

That said, you still need to shop around for the most competitive odds and in general, what works for you best. If you’re new to cricket betting, don’t worry too much about this. It’s just a question of learning the lingo and what each bet does. Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular bets that you’ll likely come across on most cricket online betting sites in India:

  • Match Bet: This is the best bet you can place if you want to keep things simple. You simply have to place your predictions on the team that is likely to win the match. That’s all there is to it.
  • Match Score: The Match Score cricket bet is used when you want to place bets on how many runs your preferred team scores in a match. You just need to purchase a number from your cricket bookie and then you can place your predictions. In this regard, you need to guess if the team will carry out higher or lower runs than the number you have.
  • Series Winner: In case you didn’t knos, cricket is generally played in a series of matches. In the case of the Series Winner cricket bet, it’s quite self-explanatory. You simply have to place bets on the team that you think will win the entire series.
  • Man of the Match: Who do you think is the most valuable player of a particular match? Just place your bets and tell us more! The Man of the Match cricket bet give you ample opportunities to place bets on the player that you think stood out the most. Bear in mind that odds differ, so make sure you get some insights prior to actually placing your bets.
  • Top Bowler: The Top Bowler bet is used to predict which bowler will take the highest number of wickets.
  • Top Batsman: This cricket bet is used to predict the most runs carried out by the batsman.
  • Mode of Dismissal: We told you there’s a bet for every moment that happens during a match. In this case, you can place bets on how a batsman is dismissed. Ruthless, but very true!

Best Cricket Betting Tips for Indian Players

And on that note, it’s time to wrap things up. Throughout this cricket betting tips guide, we’ve discussed all there is to know about finding the right cricket bookie site that works for you. We’ve also talked about how you can set up your cricket betting account and how to bet online in India. Furthermore, we’ve also outline the most common bets you can use to bet on cricket.

Bearing this in mind, we would like to provide you with some tips and tricks that will allow you to have a better cricket online betting experience. These are some of the best cricket betting tips that have been proven to be quite useful for any cricket betting session.

Without a doubt, we can all agree that cricket online betting certainly exceeds all expectations, but at the same time, you need to keep a few pointers in mind. Without any further ado, here is our definitive list of online cricket betting tips you should stick to when you bet online:

  • Licensing: This is a no brainer. Don’t risk getting scammed by a blacklisted casino by choosing to sign up to one that isn’t licensed. Whilst choosing a licensed ipl betting online is stated in Indian law, it’s in best interest to do so. In this way, you’ll know that you’re not cutting corners. Simply put, you can online enjoy a superb cricket online betting experience if you stick to licensed providers.
  • Find a Provider Has Everything You’re Looking For: Shop around. It’s important to familiarise yourself with all reputable cricket betting providers within the gambling sphere. This will help you narrow your search down to the best cricket bookie that works for you. In this way, you’ll know what you’re signing up for. For starters, you’ll know what kind of cricket betting session you can expect. This includes cricket live betting, free cricket betting and any other ipl betting online match. On top of that, you’ll be able to find out what kind of cricket bet types are available within the cricket satta market.
  • Set a Budget: This is important. We’re not telling you not to gamble, however, you should always know your limits. This means that you shouldn’t take advantage of winning streaks by gambling more than you can bargain for. In short, set a budget and stick to it.
  • Never Chase Losses: Without a doubt, cricket online betting offers thrills and is jam-packed with non-stop action from start to finish. However, you need to keep in mind that you won’t always win your bets. Even cricket betting pro bettors lose money sometimes, let alone amateur players like yourself. What we’re trying to say is that you should know your limits and never chase losses. Remember – you can always bet on cricket tomorrow. Especially since cricket betting is so popular, you know it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Stick to a time limit: Although cricket betting is well and truly entertaining, you need to set a time limit. Gambling should only be considered as a form of entertainment and nothing more. It shouldn’t regarded as a way to make money and it shouldn’t replace the time spent you’re your loved ones.
  • Find Competitive Odds: Since there are many cricket online betting providers out there, you need to shop around to find competitive odds. We’ve got three words for you: Do your research.

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